Exciting Spy Films

Above Suspicion
Joan Crawford and Fred MacMurray are asked to do a spy mission during their honeymoon in Europe on the eve of World War II. Also with Basil Rathbone, Conrad Veidt, and Reginald Owen.

Across the Pacific
Humphrey Bogart follows spies in Panama while toying with Sydney Greenstreet and flirting with Mary Astor. John Huston directed.

Air America
A traffic helicopter pilot is enlisted to work for Air America, a CIA airline flying contraband into Laos during the Vietnam War. While there, he learns that they are also shipping opium out of the country for the local drug lords. One of the few comedies about the war. Writers: John Eskow and Richard Rush, from Christopher Robbins' book. Stars: Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr.

All Through the Night
Humphrey Bogart and his gang hunt Nazi spies in New York. Starring Bogart, Peter Lorre, Judith Anderson, Jackie Gleason, and Phil Silvers.

The Counterfeit Traitor
William Holden is a double agent in Europe on dangerous missions. His love interest is Lilli Palmer. Based on a true story, this is a well-crafted film.

Eye of the Needle
A cold-hearted German spy becomes interested in a love-starved woman on a deserted British island. From Ken Follett’s novel. Starring Donald Sutherland.

Foreign Correspondent
A Hitchcock spy thriller. Charles Bennett and Joan Harrison were Original Screenplay nominees.

Golden Earrings
Marlene Dietrich, a gypsy, and Ray Milland team up for spy work in WW II Europe. Very enjoyable and fun-to-watch flick.

The House on 92nd Street
Nazi agents in New York attempt to steal part of the atom bomb formula. Starring William Eythe, Lloyd Nolan, Leo G. Carroll, and Gene Lockhart. Charles G. Booth won an Oscar for his original story.

Night Train to Munich
Rex Harrison, British intelligence agent, tries to rescue a Czech scientist in a thrilling suspense. Gordon Wellesley was nominated for an Oscar for his original story.

Secret Agent
British spies are sent to Switzerland to hunt enemy agents. By Somerset Maugham.

Shining Through
An enticing mix of romance, adventure, and heroism set in WW II Germany. Melanie Griffith and Michael Douglas star as spies sent behind enemy lines.

A Southern Yankee
Red Skelton plays a bumbling Yankee spy behind enemy lines. A laugh-a-minute comedy. Buster Keaton had his hand in this film. With Brian Donlevy, Arlene Dahl, and John Ireland.

A Front Row Seat

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