The African Queen Quiz

The answers appear after the last question, number 10.

1. Where was the film shot?

a. Belgian Congo
b. Hollywood
c. Mississippi

2. Who directed this film classic?

a. John Huston
b. Robert Mulligan
c. John Ford

3. Which star played the drunken river trader?

a. Peter Bull
b. Humphrey Bogart
c. John Huston

4. Whose book was the movie based on?

a. William Shakespeare
b. T.S. Eliot
c. C.S. Forester

5. What was Katharine Hepburn's character?

a. a spinster missionary
b. a prostitute
c. a rich widow

6. Who was Robert Morley's character?

a. Katharine Hepburn's brother
b. Humphrey Bogart's father
c. Katharine Hepburn's uncle

7. What did Hepburn and Bogart want to destroy?

a. a saloon
b. a German gunboat
c. secret maps

8. Who wrote the account of the filming in the book The Making of "The African Queen"?

a. Humphrey Bogart
b. Katharine Hepburn
c. John Huston

9. When does the story take place?

a. World War I
b. World War II
c. Spanish Civil War

10. Who won an Academy Award for this film?

a. John Huston
b. Robert Morley
c. Humphrey Bogart

Answers: 1-a, 2-a, 3-b, 4-c, 5-a, 6-a, 7-b, 8-b, 9-a, 10-c

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