Marx Brothers Quiz

The answers appear after the last question, number 10.

1. What is Groucho's real name?

a. Milton
b. Julius
c. Herbert

2. What is Harpo's real name?

a. Leonard
b. Louis
c. Arthur

3. In Animal Crackers, Groucho plays what famous character?

a. Victor Heerman
b. Superman
c. Captain Spaulding

4. Rufus T. Firefly rules over Freedonia in which Marx Brothers' film?

a. Duck Soup
b. At the Circus
c. Love Happy

5. The football team at Huxley College is the top priority in what film?

a. The Big Store
b. Duck Soup
c. Horse Feathers

6. What was the boys' first feature film?

a. The Cocoanuts
b. Room Service
c. A Night at the Opera

7. Who was the mother of the Marx Brothers?

a. Millie Marx
b. Minnie Marx
c. Maggie Marx

8. Who has roles in many of the fellows' films?

a. Margaret Dumont
b. Maureen Stapleton
c. Barbara Stanwyck

9. The Marx Brothers are up against Nazi spies in what film?

a. A Night in Casablanca
b. Monkey Business
c. Animal Crackers

10. Groucho's radio and television quiz show was called what?

a. "You Bet Your Life"
b. "Groucho Speaks"
c. "21"

Answers: 1-b, 2-c, 3-c, 4-a, 5-c, 6-a, 7-b, 8-a, 9-a, 10-a

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