Massachusetts Quiz

Part 2

"There is no force so democratic as the force of an ideal."
--Calvin Coolidge

The answers are at the end of the quiz.

26. The paper used in U.S. currency is manufactured where?
a. Essex
b. Malden
c. Dalton

27. The state has one nuclear power plant. Where?
a. Plymouth
b. Burlington
c. Revere

28. Boston was the site of the nation's first subway system, constructed when?
a. 1912
b. 1895
c. 1790

29. The airport in Boston is called what?
a. Logan International Airport
b. East Boston Airport
c. Atlantic International Airport

30. Who said, "We say the cows laid out Boston. Well, there are worse surveyors."?
a. Cory Atkins
b. Christopher Fallon
c. Ralph Waldo Emerson

31. The earliest settlers were what?
a. Irish
b. Polish
c. English

32. In the 1840s, what in Ireland drove many Irish to Massachusetts?
a. the potato famine
b. the strawberry shortage
c. a flu epidemic

33. Founded in Massachusetts in 1635, what is America's first secondary school?
a. Roxbury High School
b. Boston Latin School
c. Brookline High School

34. What is the oldest college in the United States, chartered in 1636?
a. Harvard University
b. MIT
c. Boston College

35. In 1834, what advocate of higher education for women helped organize Wheaton Female Seminary, which later became Wheaton College?
a. Melissa Hurley
b. Mary Lyon
c. Carol A. Donovan

36. Where is Mount Holyoke College?
a. South Hadley
b. Belmont
c. Watertown

37. Who was the first secretary of the Massachusetts board of education?
a. Susan C. Fargo
b. Stephen F. Lynch
c. Horace Mann

38. Where was the nation's first state normal school located?
a. Lexington
b. Sudbury
c. Acton

39. In what year did Massachusetts become the first state to pass legislation making school attendance mandatory?
a. 1950
b. 1929
c. 1852

40. When was the Massachusetts Institute of Technology founded?
a. 1865
b. 1635
c. 1800

41. Where is Radcliffe College located?
a. Westfield
b. Cambridge
c. Woburn

42. Where is Tufts University located?
a. Medford
b. Andover
c. Hadley

43. What year was Boston University founded?
a. 1912
b. 1946
c. 1839

44. Where is Boston College located?
a. Chestnut Hill
b. Milton
c. Wenham

45. Clark University and the College of the Holy Cross are where?
a. Andover
b. Worcester
c. Melrose

46. Where is Brandeis University located?
a. Waltham
b. Pittsfield
c. Lawrence

47. Smith College is where?
a. Cambridge
b. Northampton
c. Newton

48. Amherst College and Hampshire College are located where?
a. Hampshire
b. Haverhill
c. Amherst

49. Where is Williams College?
a. Williamstown
b. Leominster
c. Rockland

50. What is the largest university library in the United States?
a. MIT Library
b. Harvard University Library
c. Amherst College Library

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Answers: 26-c, 27-a, 28-b, 29-a, 30-c, 31-c, 32-a, 33-b, 34-a, 35-b, 36-a, 37-c, 38-a, 39-c, 40-a, 41-b, 42-a, 43-c, 44-a, 45-b, 46-a, 47-b, 48-c, 49-a, 50-b (Home)

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