Korean War Films

"Get in a tight spot in combat, and some guy will risk his ass to help you.
Get in a tight spot in peacetime, and you go it all alone."
--Brendan Francis

Battle Circus
An excellent drama of a doctor in combat during the Korean War. Starring Humphrey Bogart, sweet June Allyson, and Keenan Wynn.

Battle Hymn
Rock Hudson plays a man of the cloth who returns to military service to train fighter pilots for Korea. Quite a big production. With Martha Hyer and Dan Duryea.

The Bridges at Toko-Ri
Set during the Korean War, a Navy fighter pilot must come to terms with with his own ambivalence towards the war and the fear of having to bomb a set of highly defended bridges.

The Hunters
With its electrifying flight sequences and high-powered cast, "The Hunters" is a mesmerizing film based on the best-selling novel by veteran fighter pilot James Salter. Set during the height of the Korean War, the story centers on Major Cleve Saville (Robert Mitchum), a master of the newly operational F-86 Sabre fighter jets. But adept as he is at flying, Saville's personal life takes a nosedive when he falls in love with his wingman's (Lee Philips) beautiful wife (May Britt). To make matters worse, Saville must cope with a loud-mouthed rookie (Robert Wagner) in a daring rescue mission that threatens all their lives in this well-crafted war drama.

Love Is a Many Splendored Thing
A well-done soap opera set in Hong Kong during the Korean War. Jennifer Jones, a Eurasian doctor, falls in love with William Holden, a war correspondent. A beautiful film with a lovely theme song.

Gregory Peck stars as that old soldier who shall return.

The Manchurian Candidate
After Raymond returns from the Korean War as a decorated hero, the other members of his platoon can't really remember what he did to win his medal. Two of the soldiers start having recurring nightmares, and one of them decides to investigate Raymonds current activities. What dark and sinister secrets are being withheld by the Government and the Army?

A black-comedy of a crazy medical unit during the Korean War. This exceptional movie stars Donald Sutherland, Elliott Gould, Tom Skerritt, Sally Kellerman, Robert Duvall, and Gary Burghoff. As antiwar as they come.

Pork Chop Hill
American GI's must retake a barren hill in Korea that has been overrun by Red Chinese troops. The ensuing battle becomes a meat grinder for American and Chinese alike. This story of a an actual battle is all grit.

Retreat, Hell!
Bold drama of the Marine retreat from the Cahnjin Reservoir in the wake of a massive Chinese offensive. Starring Frank Lovejoy, Anita Louis, and Russ Tambly. Powerful movie.

American servicemen stationed in Japan during the Korean War fall in love and marry Japanese nationals despite harsh paperwork impediments and orders to the contrary.

Torpedo Alley
Mark Stevens and Dorothy Malone star in this Korean War action film about submarine warfare. Exciting adventure.

War Hunt
Recruits head to the front lines towards the close of the Korean War. The interaction between two of the soldiers...an idealistic newcomer and a psychotic who goes on one-man patrols slitting enemy throats under cover of night...and the orphan boy who comes between them is examined. The Cease-Fire brings the three to a final resolution.

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