Michael Curtiz

The answers appear after the last question, number 10.

1. Where was Michael Curtiz born?

a. Krakow, Poland
b. New York, NY
c. Budapest, Hungary

2. What Hollywood bigwig "discovered" him?

a. Harry Warner
b. Bob Hope
c. Elvis Presley

3. Who did he direct in Captain Blood?

a. Errol Flynn
b. Gregory Peck
c. Loretta Young

4. Curtiz won his only Academy Award for what film?

a. White Christmas
b. Casablanca
c. Kid Creole

5. What leading lady did he direct in Mildred Pierce?

a. Olivia De Havilland
b. Bette Davis
c. Joan Crawford

6. A few of the actors who played in Casablanca, including Humphrey Bogart and Peter Lorre, also were in what movie directed by Curtiz?

a. Passage to Marseille
b. The Sea Hawk
c. Santa Fe Trail

7. Elizabeth Taylor starred in which Curtiz film?

a. The Charge of the Light Brigade
b. Life With Father
c. This Is The Army

8. Who received an Oscar for his role in Curtiz's Yankee Doodle Dandy?

a. James Cagney
b. John Wayne
c. Errol Flynn

9. In White Christmas, Curtiz directed what comic?

a. Jack Lemmon
b. Mel Brooks
c. Danny Kaye

10. John Wayne stars as a Texas Ranger in what Curtiz film?

a. The Comancheros
b. We're No Angels
c. Young Man With a Horn

Answers: 1-c, 2-a, 3-a, 4-b, 5-c, 6-a, 7-b, 8-a, 9-c, 10-a

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