Mel's Boarding House

Original Screenplay
Diana J. Dell & Carol A. Dingle & Clara Dell Yacura

WGA Registration Number: 1034029

Log Line: Based on a true story, "Mel's Boarding House" is a timeless and inspiring comedy/drama of the tenacity and spirit of a diverse group of people living together during the Great Depression.

Synopsis: Set in Pittsburgh in 1937, this warm and vibrant story pays homage to an era gone by, taking an affectionate look at the ties that bind a diverse group of people living together in a boarding house during the Great Depression. "Mel's Boarding House" is both painful and beautiful, a kaleidoscopic montage, weaving several plot strands, with characters who represent the ideological and class factions of the time.

Mel, a successful businesswoman with a tragic weakness for younger men, provides a comfortable home for her bitter sister and the other residents -- a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany, two Rose Bowl-winning University of Pittsburgh football players, a lonely woman who yearns to escape from her abusive husband, the drunken medical student, preppy-rich boys living in the attic, a teenage cleaning lady with dreams of a better life, and the self-centered gigolo.

Based on true events, this inspiring and timeless dramedy, filled with the heartbreaks and joys of life, is a salute to individuals who faced the challenges of a bygone age with humor and dignity, tenacity and courage.
"Mel's Boarding House" was one of the top 200 screenplays in the FilmMakers International Screenwriting Awards and a semi-finalist in the WinFemme Monthlies.

Another script, "My Name is Anna Busch," a World War II drama, has been optioned by producer LaMont T. Cain.

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