The Carriage House

Original Screenplay
Diana J. Dell & Carol A. Dingle

WGA Registration Number: 1029577

Log Line: A mystery novelist and his uncle suspect that their beautiful neighbor's new husband has ties to stolen Nazi treasure and an unsolved murder.

Synopsis: Kristen Worth is a shy teenager when her mother Candace, a beautiful artist, is brutally murdered in the carriage house on the grounds of their Newport estate. Years later, Kristen, also an artist, falls in love with suave and sophisticated Hal Miller, an international art dealer. Consumed by the romance, Kristen abandons her painting and elopes with Hal. Everything seems wonderful until Hal convinces her that they should return to her childhood home, the place where her mother was slain.

Their life together changes soon after the move. The affectionate and doting Hal becomes possessive and controlling. Once vital and happy, Kristen becomes inexplicably ill, and Hal convinces her that she is an alcoholic. Meanwhile, their neighbor, dapper Percy Bowen, is certain that the answer to the mystery surrounding Candace Worth's murder will be found somewhere in Kristen's house.

Increasingly suspicious of Hal Miller's intentions, Percy and his nephew Mark, a mystery novelist, make inquiries into Candace's death. They soon deduce that Hal, the son of a former SS officer, married Kristen to find Nazi loot stolen from European Jews during World War II. While Percy and Mark pursue the investigation in earnest, Hal sends the servants away on vacation and Kristen to a rehabilitation center.

Could the treasure be hidden somewhere in the mansion? Or perhaps in a secret passageway in the carriage house that Hal uses as his office? As Percy and Mark methodically gather evidence against Hal, he frantically searches the mansion. Will the famous author and his uncle be able to prove Hal's guilt before Kristen pays the ultimate price and Hal escapes with the treasure?

"The Carriage House" was one of the top 200 screenplays in the FilmMakers International Screenwriting Awards.

Another script, "My Name is Anna Busch," a World War II drama, has been optioned by producer LaMont T. Cain and is in development.

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