My Name is Anna Busch

Original Screenplay
Diana J. Dell & Barbara McPherson & Carol A. Dingle

Optioned by producer LaMont Cain and in development

WGA Registration Number: 1196384

Logline: Inspired by true events, this is the wartime story of one Polish woman and her family who, with courage and dignity, goodness and love, bravely defy the terrifying Nazi evil.

Synopsis: When the Germans march into Poland in 1939, every Pole has a decision to make -- collaborate, do nothing, or resist. Anna and her husband Tomasz, a farmer, along with their family and friends, follow their consciences while others follow orders. They hide Jews, feed strangers, keep secrets, and work with the Underground. These unlikely heroes live in constant fear of betrayal or accidental exposure, knowing full well that the punishment will be death if they are caught. The actions taken by ordinary people who respond to extraordinary circumstances in a morally exemplary fashion are exceptional in a time and place marked by apathy and complicity. In a world forever changed by the devastating horror of World War II and the Holocaust, this one Polish family’s story of moral heroism provides a shining example for the potential of the human spirit.

First-time screenwriter Barbara Dell McPherson is an attorney in Florida and did the research in Poland for “My Name is Anna Busch,” a story based on Diana’s and her Polish family during World War II.

Published writer Carol Dingle is the owner of the web sites, and

Diana Dell is the author of “Memories Are Like Clouds” and “A Saigon Party: And Other Vietnam War Short Stories.” She also owns the web site,


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