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The Wackiest Ship in the Army
Jack Lemmon stars in this part comedy, part drama about an old sailing ship used as a decoy during WW II. Entertaining, with plenty of laughs. With Ricky Nelson and John Lund.

Wake Island
Considered Hollywood's first intelligent attempt to dramatize the deeds of an American force on the front, this movie recounts the thrilling WW II story of the handful of Marines who fought off an overwhelming Japanese land, sea, and air assault for 16 terrifying hours. Starring Brian Donlevy, Robert Preston, and William Bendix. Nominated for an Oscar for their original screenplay were W.R. Burnett and Frank Butler.

A Walk in the Sun
Great character study of men at war. An American battalion attacks a German hideout in Italy. Starring Dana Andrews, John Ireland, Lloyd Bridges. Adapted from a Harry Brown novel.

Wall Street
A young and impatient stockbroker is willing to do anything to get to the top. With Charlie Sheen, Hal Holbrook, Michael Douglas, Martin Sheen. Directed by Oliver Stone.

War and Peace
A story of three families during the Napoleonic Wars. By Leo Tolstoy.

The War Lover
Steve McQueen and Robert Wagner are pilots in England, both in love with Anne Field. Great aerial photography. From a novel by John Hersey.

Waterloo Bridge
Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor star in this love story about a soldier and a ballet dancer who meet during an air raid and fall in love. Based on a play by Robert E. Sherwood.

We Dive at Dawn
Top-notch submarine tale, exploring people aboard as well as the mission to sink the German battleship. Great movie, starring John Mills.

Wee Willie Winkie
An enchanting little girl and her widowed mother move to a British Army outpost in India. By Rudyard Kipling.

When Hell Broke Loose
Charles Bronson stars in this tight and convincing story of the assassination attempt on General Eisenhower in World War II Europe.

Where Eagles Dare
Superior thriller about soldiers sent to free an American prisoner in a German mountain castle. Starring Richard Burton. Novel and script by Alistar MacLean. One of the best WW II movies.

White Fang
A thrilling Jack London tale of friendship, courage, and strength.

White Squall
Exciting sea story. Starring Jeff Bridges.

About writer Oscar Wilde.

Wing and a Prayer
Thrilling action flick of courageous pilots aboard an aircraft carrier. The fine cast includes Don Ameche, Dana Andrews, Charles Bickford, Harry Morgan, and Cedric Hardwicke.

The Wings of the Dove
This beautiful tale, by Henry James, contrasts a wealthy young American with European fortune hunters who are ultimately shamed by the dying heroine's goodness.

Witness for the Prosecution
Billy Wilder cowrote and directed this brilliant 1957 mystery based on Agatha Christie's celebrated play about an aging London barrister (Charles Laughton) who's preparing to retire when he takes the defense in the most vexing murder case of his distinguished career. Cast: Tyrone Power, Marlene Dietrich, Charles Laughton, Elsa Lanchester.

Women and Men: Stories of Seduction
Based on stories by Dorothy Parker, Mary McCarthy, and Hemingway.

Wuthering Heights
Based on Emily Bronte's classic story of passion, hatred, and revenge. With Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon. Screenplay Oscar nominees were Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur.

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