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Painted Veil
A love triangle story, by Somerset Maugham, set in China.

The Paradine Case
This 1948 film by Alfred Hitchcock beats a familiar Hitchcockian drum: an attorney (Gregory Peck), in love with the client (Alida Valli) he is defending on a murder charge, implicates himself in her guilt by trying to put the blame on another man.

The Passion of Ayn Rand
About the writer Ayn Rand. Helen Mirren is sharp and intense as the demanding, often icy Rand, playing down her striking features to become severe and plain. Eric Stoltz brings an insidious mix of charm and calculation to Nathaniel, a sycophantic devotee who espouses the gospel of intellectual honesty while compromising himself at every turn. Peter Fonda and Julie Delpy are the wounded spouses who endure their open affair.

Pat and Mike
Tracy is a sports promoter and Hepburn is an all-around athlete. Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin were nominated for an Oscar for Story and Screenplay.

A woman rejects a poor man's marriage proposal; and, years later,
he comes back into her life. From the Jane Austen novel.

Peyton Place
From Grace Metalious' steamy novel, this film is about small-town morals and stars Lana Turner. Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium Oscar nominee was John Michael Hayes.

When a man with AIDS is fired by a conservative law firm because of his condition, he hires a homophobic small time lawyer as the only willing advocate for a wrongful dismissal suit. Starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington.

The Pickwick Papers
A comic account, by Charles Dickens, of a rougish actor who survives by his wits.

The Portrait of a Lady
A splendid story, by Henry James, of an American young woman brought to England by her aunt.

Pride and Prejudice
A social satire by Jane Austen about five sisters looking for husbands.

The Prince and the Pauper
The timeless tale, by Mark Twain, of the beggar and the prince who switch places.

The Private Life of Henry VIII
Starring: Charles Laughton, Robert Donat. Director: Alexander Korda

Pudd'nhead Wilson
An unforgettable story, by Mark Twain, of mistaken identities.

The Purple Heart
Compelling story, starring Dana Andrews, about an American air force crew shot down during the Tokyo raid. With Farley Granger and Richard Loo. Exciting film.

A professor of phonetics wagers he can change a Cockney girl into a princess. Starring Leslie Howard. From Shaw's play. The Oscar winners for the screenplay were George Bernard Shaw, Ian Dalrymple, Cecil Lewis, and W.P. Lipscomb.

4-Star Films

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