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The Gallant Hours
Considered one of the best war movies ever made, this film is about Admiral William “Bull” Halsey (James Cagney) during the early days of WW II.

The Garden of Finzi-Continis
Dominique Sanda stars in this haunting film about an aristocratic Jewish family in Italy who stupidly ignore talk of the concentration camps until it's too late. This touching movie won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film. The photography is exquisite. With Helmut Berger, and directed by Vittorio De Sica.

Ingrid Bergman plays a young bride who is driven to the brink of madness by her new husband (Charles Boyer). Angela Lansbury debuts. Adapted from a play by Patrick Hamilton. John L. Balderston, Walter Reisch, and John Van Druten were Oscar nominees for their screenplay.

Gentleman's Agreement
Gregory Peck is a magazine writer who researches an article on anti-Semitism and learns first-hand about prejudice when he poses as a Jew. Moss Hart was a nominee for an Oscar for his screenplay.

This outstanding film is a powerful telling of the great battle. Starring Tom Berenger, Jeff Daniels, Sam Elliot, and Martin Sheen as General Robert E. Lee. A powerful film of the personalities involved.

Give 'Em Hell, Harry
A one-man play revealing President Harry Truman as he looks back on his life in Missouri, Washington, and beyond.

The Glass Menagerie
A son longs to escape from his stifling home, where his genteel mother worries about the future prospects of his lame, shy sister. Starring Joanne Woodward and John Malkovich. Directed by Paul Newman. From Tennessee Williams.

Glengarry Glen Ross
Often regarded as a critique of the Reagan administration's impact on the American economy, the play and film focus on a competitive group of real estate salesmen who've gone from feast to famine in a market gone cold. Starring Jack Lemmon, Al Pacino, Ed Harris, Alan Arkin, Kevin Spacey, Alec Baldwin, Jonathan Pryce.

One of the best historical films ever made, this is the story of America's first unit of black soldiers during the Civil War and the young officer who trained and lead them into battle. Starring Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, and Cary Elwes. Based on letters from the time, the screenplay is by Kevin Jarre. Denzel Washington won an Oscar for Supporting Actor.

Go for Broke
During World War II, a bigoted Texan is assigned to train Japanese-Americans for combat. Starring Van Johnson.

Go Tell the Spartans
Set in the early 60s. Lancaster is an advisory group commander who is starting to have his doubts about the war. He leads a group of experienced, disheartened soldiers to the defense of a useless, abandoned village that the French had once tried and failed to defend. Writer: Wendell Mayes, from Daniel Ford's novel, Incident at Muc Wa. Stars: Burt Lancaster and Craig Wasson.

Golden Earrings
Marlene Dietrich, a gypsy, and Ray Milland team up for spy work in WW II Europe. Very enjoyable and fun-to-watch flick.

Good Morning, Vietnam
An Armed Forces radio disk jockey is a hit with the American soldiers and Vietnamese but antagonizes his superiors. Based on the life of Adrian Cronauer. Writers: Larry Brezner and Mitch Markowitz. Stars: Robin Williams, Forest Whitaker, and Tung Thanh Tran.

Going My Way
Bing Crosby stars as a young priest who stirs things up with crusty old Father Fitzgibbon (Barry Fitzgerald). The Oscar winner for Original Story was Leo McCarey.

The Grapes of Wrath
From the John Steinbeck novel set in the Depression. Starring Henry Fonda. Nominated for an Oscar for the screenplay was Nunnally Johnson.

The Great Escape
Steve McQueen, James Garner, James Coburn, and David McCallum star in this action-adventure of Allied POWs who plan a monumental escape from a German prison camp. Based on a true story, this exciting film was scripted by James Clavell and W. R. Burnett, from a book by Paul Brickhill. Elmer Bernstein's music is thrilling. Lots of excitement and tension in this WW II movie.

Great Expectations
The timeless story, by Charles Dickens, of an inexperienced country boy who is remade into an egotistical gentleman.

The Great Gatsby
The tragic tale, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, of ill-fated love between a wealthy man, Gatsby, and Daisy.

The Great Ziegfeld
William Powell plays Ziegfeld and his two wives are Myrna Loy and Luise Rainer. Fanny Brice appears. William Anthony McGuire was nominated for an Oscar for Original Story.

The Greatest Show on Earth
A big circus movie directed by Cecil B. De Mille. Starring Betty Hutton, James Stewart, Cornel Wilde, and many others. The Oscar winners for Motion Picture Story were Fredric M. Frank, Theodore St. John, and Frank Cavett.

Guadalcanal Diary
This realistic film is based on an eyewitness account of the Marine invasion of the Solomon Islands. Starring William Bendix, Richard Conte, Preston Foster, and Lloyd Nolan.

The Gunfighter
Gregory Peck gives a great performance of a retired gunslinger with a bloody reputation who tries in vain to overcome his past. With Helen Westcott and Karl Malden. William Bowers and Andre De Toth were nominated for an Oscar for Motion Picture Story.

The Guns of Navarone
Dynamic action film about Allied commandos plotting to destroy German guns. Script by Carl Foreman from the Alistair MacLean novel.

A Guy Named Joe
A sweet story based on the legend that pilots never die but return to guide fledging airmen. Starring Spencer Tracy, Irene Dunn, and Van Johnson. Oscar nominees for Original Story were David Boehm and Chandler Sprague.

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