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Daisy Miller
This Henry James melodrama is about a spoiled, socially naive American girl destroyed by European mores.

Darby's Rangers
James Garner is an assault troop leader in North Africa and Italy during WW II.. Lots of romancing while the gang is away from the fighting. With Jack Warden, Edward Byrnes, and David Janssen. The film focuses on relationships. Garner, who in real life fought in Korea, is always great.

Dark Journey
Touching love story, set in Stockholm, about a dress-shop-owner-double agent (Vivien Leigh), who becomes involved with the head of German Intelligence.

David Copperfield
The tale of an orphan in London who encounters an unforgettable group of characters. By Charles Dickens.

The Deer Hunter
Three patriotic steel workers go to Vietnam and find that the experience alters their sense of self and community. One of the first and still most controversial major films about the war. Stars: Robert De Niro, John Cazale, John Savage, Christopher Walken, and Meryl Streep.

The Desert Fox
James Mason is stellar as Field Marshal Rommel. You'll witness his military defeat in Africa and return to Hitler's Germany. Starring Cedric Hardwicke and Jessica Tandy. A great story about a great general.

The Desert Rats
Richard Burton is a British commando fighting the Germans in North Africa. James Mason plays Rommel. Action-packed movie of brave men under fire.

Desperate Journey
Starring Errol Flynn and Ronald Reagan, this is a thrilling WW II adventure of American pilots stranded in Germany and trying desperately to reach safety. Plenty of propaganda to please the history buffs. Directed by Raoul Walsh.

Desire Under the Elms
A young man falls under the spell of his father's lovely bride. From Eugene O'Neill.

The Desperados
Deserters up to no good in the West. Starring Vince Edwards and Jack Palance.

Destination Tokyo
A sub crew survives a dangerous WW II mission in enemy waters. With Cary Grant. Nominated for an Original Story Oscar was Steve Fisher.

The Devil's Brigade
This fact-based movie is the story of World War II's 1st Special Service Force on a dangerous mission in the mountains of Italy. Starring William Holden.

The Devil's Disciple
A comedy about the American Revolutionary War. By George Bernard Shaw.

The Diary of Anne Frank
Directed by George Stevens, this is the true story of Jewish refugees hiding in WW II Amsterdam. With Shelley Winters, Millie Perkins, Lou Jacobi.

When a man rejects his female boss, she charges him with sexual harassment. Cast: Demi Moore, Michael Douglas, Donald Sutherland, Dennis Miller. Directed by Barry Levinson.

From the Sinclair Lewis novel, this is the story of a businessman-hero who is a dreamer and his culture-mad wife who longs to be enriched by life in Europe. Starring Walter Huston as the hero, Ruth Chatterton as the wife, and Mary Astor as the women who appreciates Dodsworth's true value. Sidney Howard was nominated for a Screenplay Oscar.

Dragon Seed
Katharine Hepburn stars in the Pearl Buck story of a Chinese town devastated by the Japanese occupation. Also starring Walter Huston and Agnes Moorehead. Hepburn plays an Oriental.

Drums in the Deep South
Exciting Civil War tale of men from West Point soldiering on different sides. Starring James Craig, Guy Madison, and Barbara Payton.

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